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Alphonso / Badami

One of the early varieties, this all-time favourite is justifiably called the “King of Mangoes”. While the names Alphonso and Badami are used interchangeably in South India, our variety is definitely not to be confused with the Ratnagiri Alphonso or what is commonly called the “Haphus” in Western and Northern India. Badami is a very slight variant of the Alphonso which is particularly well adapted to the climate in South India, especially the plains. However,this variety is particularly susceptible to the Spongy Tissue problem due to which a few fruits may have white Spongy Tissue inside although they look perfect from outside.


Now starting to be considered as the “Queen of Mangoes”, the Mallika is a cross between the Dassehri and Neelam varieties. It is fast catching up with the popularity of the Alphonso as it is being recognized as a “real value for money” mango. The seed of this variety is very thin leading to a higher yield of edible flesh per mango than in other varieties. However, this is a late variety and starts appearing only during the months of May and June.


A popular North Indian variety (particularly in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar), the taste of this pint sized but very juicy mango is unique and loved by anyone who has tried it. It’s also sometimes called the “Cup” mango as it can be cut around the middle and scooped out with a spoon to be eaten like an ice cream. One should however remember that these are essentially small sized mangoes and large ones are quite rare.

IMPORTANT: Our main varieties are the Alphonso/Badami and Mallika. We have a very small number of Dassehri plants due to which we can only get a limited quantity of this varieties each year. As a result, orders for this varieties are filled only for those who have made advance payment for them. In fact we may be required to refund some customers if we do not get enough yield to fill all advance orders received. Of course, such people can opt to adjust the amount paid against other varieties, although it is not compulsory. It is unlikely that this varieties would be available at the pick up points unless we get much more than the expected yield. Only advance online payment orders are expected to be filled for Dasseri varieties.

Please note that each variety is harvested at a different time depending upon actual fruit maturity which means that all varieties will not be available at one time. However, as we conduct multiple harvests from each tree, it is sometimes possible that varieties could be available at the same time. The usual order of harvesting is Alphonso/Badami first, followed by Dassehri and Mallika. Our mangoes are usually available over a period of 4-6 weeks from the date of first harvest.

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